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Welcome to Courses for Continuing Education! We are thrilled to offer a wide range of courses designed to help you continue your education and grow in your chosen career. Whether you are a cosmetologist, electrician, HVAC technician, or realtor, we have courses that will help you expand your skills and knowledge.
Continuing Education for cosmetologists, estheticians, manicurists, estheticians/ manicurists or eyelash extension specialty licensees, or a hair weaving or wig specialty. Free reporting.
Continuing Education for Apprentice Electricians, Journeyman Electricians, Master Electricians, Maintenance Electricians, Electrical Contractors, and Residential Wireman. Free reporting.
Continuing Education for anyone renewing their Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors licenses or HVAC Renewal. Get up-to-speed on the latest IMC changes. Free reporting included.
Continuing Education for anyone renewing their Real estate agent or brokers license including 18-hour bundles, Legal Updates I & II, 3 HR Contracts and Electives. Free reporting included.
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Why Choose Us?

Excel in Your Continuing Education

Our online courses for continuing education are expertly crafted to ensure your success in acquiring new knowledge and skills. Engage with our interactive and captivating courses that make learning enjoyable. Packed with informative content, quizzes, and the flexibility to learn from any device and location.

Excellent Customer Support

Receive assistance with your continuing education courses whenever you need it. The Courses for Continuing Education support team is available via chat, phone, or email every day of the week. Courses for Continuing Education guarantees a seamless learning experience.

Certificate of Completion

Yes, as soon as you have completed the class, we will email you the certificate of completion. In addition, you will have the option to purchase a mailed certificate as well.

Reporting Completed Hours

Yes, as a state-approved provider of continuing education classes, we will report the completion of your continuing education hours to governing board as proof upon completion.

Expired License

If you don't renew your license by the expiration date, you are not eligible to work under your license until all the renewal requirements are met, including continuing education. In order to renew your license, you must complete your continuing education hours prior to your license expiration.

Group Purchase Details

If you decide to acquire multiple courses, the system will designate you as a manager, granting you access to unique voucher codes corresponding to each course in your purchase. Subsequently, you'll have the capability to log in to your account and effortlessly distribute these voucher codes by email to every member within your team.