Voucher Codes

If you have been given a voucher code, you must login or sign up with an email address and a password first before you can use it.

Afterwards, go to My Courses and then Use Voucher Code

Voucher Codes General Information

Voucher Codes explained

A voucher code is a set of numbers and letters that can be used as a means of payment. The voucher codes will give a 100% discount (meaning someone has already paid).

Voucher Code Requirements

  • Step #1: Register for an account.
    Use an email address that is accessible where you want the certificate to be sent.
  • Step #2: Redeem Voucher
    After you have logged in, input the voucher code above to get started.

Purchasing more Vouchers

Are you a manager or team lead? We offer a group purchase option! When you purchase more than one course, you will be given vouchers to distribute to your team. Each team member can redeem the voucher to take the course. You will be able to track your team’s progress in our manager-only view. Discounts will be automatically applied when purchasing at least 5 courses.

Issues with my Code

Voucher Code Used

In most cases, the code was sent to more than one person. This code is unique and can only be used once.

Not Valid

The code is case sensitive, so make sure you type it in exactly as it is. In these cases, you will want to reach out to your manager to see if they can send a voucher code again through the system.

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