How Do I Renew My Cosmetology License In Florida

How Do I Renew My Cosmetologist License in Florida

Embarking on a career in cosmetology in Florida is not just about acquiring the necessary skills and qualifications; it's also about committing to a lifelong journey of learning and growth. As outlined in the Florida Cosmetology Act (477.019), renewing your cosmetology license is a crucial step in ensuring that you stay abreast of industry advancements and continue to provide high-quality services. Let's delve into the key aspects of the renewal process and how you can navigate it seamlessly.

Eligibility for Licensure Renewal:

Before delving into the renewal process, it's essential to understand the initial licensure requirements outlined in the Florida Cosmetology Act. To be eligible for licensure renewal, you must have met the following criteria during your initial application:

  • Be at least 16 years old or possess a high school diploma.
  • Pay the required non-refundable application and refundable examination fees.
  • Accumulate a minimum of 1,200 hours of training from a licensed cosmetology school, public school program, government-operated program, or an approved division like the Cosmetology Division of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Passing the Examination:

To be eligible for renewal, an applicant must have received a passing grade on the cosmetology examination, as determined by board rules. Once an applicant passes all parts of the examination, they may practice under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist in a licensed salon while awaiting the physical copy of their license. Those who fail any part of the examination may not practice until reexamination.

Renewal Process:

Renewing your cosmetology license in Florida is a straightforward process governed by rules adopted by the board. It is crucial to stay informed about the renewal timeline and requirements to ensure a seamless transition. The board may establish procedures and deadlines for renewal, and it is the responsibility of the licensee to adhere to these guidelines.

Licensure by Endorsement:

The Florida Cosmetology Act recognizes the qualifications of cosmetologists from other states. If you hold a current active license to practice cosmetology in another state, you may be eligible for licensure by endorsement in Florida. The board certifies applicants who meet the criteria, providing a streamlined process for licensed cosmetologists relocating to the Sunshine State.

Continuing Education:

Continuing education is a cornerstone of the renewal process, with the board prescribing rules to ensure licensees stay updated on industry trends and practices. Licensees must complete not more than 10 hours of continuing education biennially. The subjects covered in these courses include human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome, OSHA regulations, workers' compensation issues, and more. Attendees can count courses from cosmetology conferences toward their continuing education hours if approved by the board.


Renewing your cosmetology license in Florida is a commitment to maintaining excellence in your profession. By understanding the intricacies of the renewal process, staying informed about board rules, and actively participating in continuing education, you contribute to the overall growth and credibility of the cosmetology industry in the state. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your skills, protect public safety, and ensure a flourishing career in the dynamic world of beauty.

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